If your business needs the cloud, your business needs Bell.

The cloud is a key part of digital transformation for any business. And how you connect to the cloud is as important as the cloud itself. Whether you want to host enterprise applications, deliver a first-class customer experience or back up and protect your data, Bell has the network and expertise to build and manage your cloud solutions end-to-end.

We have also developed a comprehensive guide to cloud to help businesses on their digital transformation journeys. It will help you to select the right solutions based on what’s important to your business, and offers additional tips and industry insights.

How Bell makes your cloud experience better

Performance to ensure your cloud workloads run at their best.

Bell connects you to the cloud over Canada’s largest voice and data network – with the reach, capacity and scalability to support your cloud applications. Your employees and customers can access cloud applications and services faster, with lower latency, thanks to speeds of up to 10 Gbps and the most points of presence in Canada.

Availability to keep your applications up and running.

High reliability – including a 99.999% network uptime guarantee with built-in redundancy – saves you the cost and reputational risk of disruptions and downtime. With access to highly flexible infrastructure on demand, you get pay-as-you-go technology that scales to meet the needs of your business as they change.

Security to keep your data safe and compliant.

Our built-in network protection helps to safeguard your data against the full range of online threats, with cloud connectivity options audited against the highest security standards. Bell keeps your data private from other networks – avoiding exposure to the risks of the public Internet.

Expertise and partnerships to deliver truly end-to-end cloud solutions.

With more than 3,000 certified experts, Bell can help assess, build and support a cloud solution tailored to your business needs. And, our partnerships with leading cloud application providers give you the benefit of solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Bluemix® and Microsoft Azure to support your cloud computing, storage, backup and disaster recovery needs.

Why the network matters

It’s easy to think of the cloud in terms of the applications you’ll run or the data you’ll store in it. But how quickly, reliably and securely data moves between your users and the cloud depends on the network.

It’s not just about connectivity. An intelligent, dynamic network provides data and traffic management capabilities that allow you to optimize performance, enhance security and extract valuable business analytics.

With the largest network coverage in Canada, the most data centres in the country, and the largest national data centre capacity to host your applications and workloads, Bell has everything you need to get the best from the cloud.

Make cloud decisions with confidence

Download the Bell Guide to Digital Transformation: Getting the Best from the Cloud

Written by Bell cloud experts, this comprehensive guide offers technical insights, industry perspective and practical tips to help you make the right decisions for bringing the cloud to your business
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How can the cloud work for you?

There are many use cases for the cloud, but the cloud that works best for you starts with knowing your priorities. Do you need maximum security and reliability? Are you looking to control costs and simplify IT management?

Download our guide or explore the sample use cases below and learn how the cloud can meet different requirements.

Ready to talk cloud? Talk to Bell

If you’re just starting your cloud journey or looking to optimize your existing cloud applications, our cloud specialists can help define and support your business’ unique requirements.

Find out if you qualify for a free assessment for getting to the cloud, or simply ask us a question.
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Our cloud and data centre portfolio

When it comes to your business cloud, you need more than just a network service provider. You need an expert partner who can support you from end to end with a portfolio that lets you put your workloads where they will work best – whether you need a public, private or hybrid solution.

Bell Cloud Connect

Get private access to network, server, storage and application resources with high performance, reliability and online threat protection. Bell Cloud Connect helps to deliver an optimal cloud experience over our advanced IP network.
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Bell Cloud Compute

Move your workloads to the cloud that suits your business best with pay-as-you-go, multi-platform infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and IP network connectivity for end-to-end performance, security and reliability.
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Bell Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Take advantage of flexible, cost-effective backup that works with your existing infrastructure for fast, secure replication, failover and recovery for your business continuity needs.
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Bell Virtual Data Centre

Take advantage of flexible virtual server capacity with best-in-class hardware managed by our expert, experienced data centre specialists – so you can scale quickly, easily and cost-effectively as your needs change.
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Bell Co-location Hosting

Hosting your IT infrastructure in our state-of-the-art, Canada-based data centres gives you the space, power and cooling you require without having to build and maintain your own facilities.
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Bell Professional Services Cloud Assessment

If you’re just starting your cloud journey, a cloud assessment from the Bell Professional Services team can help you determine your exact requirements and define a roadmap for getting to the cloud. If you’re already using cloud-delivered IT services and want to take things to the next level, we can help optimize your cloud investments.
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